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Panicked about Prom? No fear, your florist is here!

The last thing you need to be during Prom is stressed. With dozens of guys and gals pouring in here trying to figure out which color is an exact match to their SO's dress or tie, only to find out that there are 50 shades of every color can be tough when you're on a time schedule.

Have no fear, that's why color coordination is here! There are plenty of floral combinations to make sure that everyone gets to wear the color they want without worrying if someone else might have the same design.

Let's start with those that are super cryptic about their outfit. He says he is wearing a purple vest? No idea if he means lavender or if he really went with that neon purple he joked about? We have the best solution for this one, go with every shade of that color! From Peacock Orchids to Blue Thistle, our Color-Spectrum Boutonniere is the perfect solution for surprise outfits.

Dating the Quarterback and worried about the boutonniere being too small on those gorgeously wide shoulders? We've got you. We've got big and bold solutions (like this Peony) that will look as dapper as your date, without his flowers looking out of place.


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