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Lighting Up Love with a Romantic Winter Barn & Lantern Wedding

What could warm you up more amidst a frigid winter weekend then walking into a barn with hundreds of lanterns holding candles, and greenery draped across tables and the doors? Probably nothing short of a Rumchata-filled-hot-cocoa.

Well this January, our favorite winter wedding won all the feels when she ordered dozens of lanterns and paths full of fauna.

While backdrops are in right now, sometimes they can break the budget. So taking an old door or two and setting them up to hold a few garlands of greenery and your favorite flower is a fantastic option. Keeps the rustic theme without making you hate the #vintage trend.

A fun trend is the element of surprise. Pair the cool tones of eucalyptus and strands of pine with hibiscus flowers. The warmth and vibrancy of the popping tropical flower warms up that winter day with just a glimse!

And if this wasn't all enough already, can we talk about the icing on top? Or lack there of? The bride and groom nailed it with their naked cake. Guests didn't feel guilty about all the sugar! Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

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