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Spring weddings: Love & flowers blooming in the air!

We had an unbelievably busy spring! The saying is right, April showers brings May flowers. Both love and floral design was blooming all season.

One of the major highlights is my new favorite color scheme: peach and white. Of course green goes great with everything, so we had to throw a little in their to boot!

While Summer has funky, fresh colors, Spring has an abundance of textures. Playing with combinations like Blue Thistle, berries, and succulents made for a seriously snazzy wedding party (including one furry ring-bearer)!

Of course, rooted in Texas means the ever classic Rustic & Larger Than Life Themes. From burlap accessories wrapped around textured glass and wild flowers of varying heights, to peonies and carnations that are so large you can't help question if they're real or not!

And if you're still stuck, put a sequin or a jewel (or a million) on it!

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