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Our BIGGEST Wedding Yet!

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest parties of the year. So why not have your special day that night?! Luckily our lovely bride did.

Her bouquet alone was the biggest we have ever made!

I mean just look at this thing!

She wanted over the top bling, sparkle and of course flowers. This is where we could let our creative juices flow!

First we had tables dressed with metallic vases and glitter floating in glassware, surrounded by romantic candle light. Our second set of tables held massive metal centerpieces (5 feet tall, to be exact) that we had specially made for this wedding, holding round arrangements with pink spray roses, white hydrangeas, light pink stock, gold accents and finally, long stems of light pink orchids that shot out like shooting stars.

Each table was accompanied but dazzling gold glitter table numbers that we had handmade for the wedding.

The guest tables were to die for, but our favorite was the the wedding party’s table. We created and made a romantic hanging cloud like arrangement that would hang over the the bride and groom, that draped down with soft gold tulle and enormous white orchids. Then down the middle of the black sequined tables was the bridal party show stopper. There were candles galore, a plethora of metallic vases, rose and orchid petals scattered as a runner, and all led to a cluster of floating flowers.

We couldn't imagine spending our New Year’s Eve any other way! (We even caught the bride and her mother tearing up when they saw the place!)


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