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Four Ways to Tie Romantic Color Schemes with Playful Themes for the Winter

With hundreds of ways to stand out and go beyond the ordinary, we've had so many brides wondering if classic is to cliche. And we say, absolutely no way!

The great news? You can take a typical theme and tweak it to match the personality of your relationship (and let's get real, you're wallet)! Romance is sexy, but it's also playful, so we go straight to illustrious vases, exciting textures, and varying heights to put a twist on the typical!

Like Pinterest will show you, and we so genuinely adore, reds and whites are the delights of winter colors! We took three weddings and got funky with this classic color scheme:

First up, flowers.

While Roses and Baby's Breath, you can accomplish just as much with colors plus twice the pizazz. This bridesmaid bouquet features Wax Flowers (these give off an incredible scent!) and Alstroemeria (they come in varying shades of red).

If you love the winter colors, but don't want your guests to remember the Tundra that is happening outside the chapel, take a go at creating a warmer feel with Daisies and Hydrangeas with a fun texture like burlap to accessorize!

Next are the rest of your decor, making sure your flower and accessories match tends to be a big problem with events. The feel of a flower may not always have the same style as what you're placing them in or around. By renting products, you get to choose from a massive selection without breaking the bank, plus you can create a more tailored style! Our Winter favorites? Four foot tall candelabras and varying-height floating vases that make your floral designs look like flower-clouds.

Last but not least, one of our favorite ways to play with winter styles is with funky textures. Cattails have a dark and romantic purple tone with a fuzzy and warming texture to match. Hydrangeas are just as delicate as Roses, but provide more body to fill up more space. And for those brides who want a trailing design without it looking limp, pairing Amaranthus to expand the bottom and side layers with poking in a few branches of Eucalyptus helps round out the top with a wilder look.

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