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The Understated Carnation

The carnation: the flower you haven’t thought about since your 3rd grade school play.

But why?

The carnation has stood the test of time as much as the rose has. Also being known for its symbolism of love, this flower has been used for over 2000 years, cultivating stories so far back it has its roots in mythology.

Ironically today, the carnation’s curvy petals are usually overlooked, despite it being known as the flower of distinction; with a wide ranging color scheme, a petal pattern that imitates the flowing designs of Zimmermann, and a scent that’s as fresh as it is sweet.

BowKay Designer Zach adores color-blocking with carnations, particularly in a European-styled hand-tie, perfect for a simple gift of appreciation to a modern bouquet that’s designed to woo.

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